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Vibrating Pokers

Concrete is a material that, when treated correctly, will give years and tears of durability and stability. If you don’t use the appropriate tools for your job, or you don’t follow best practises, you’ll be left with a surface that will crack, warp or cause uneven damage.

As well as compaction, vibration to concrete is essential if you’re looking for your mix to both pour and set evenly. This is where you need a vibrating poker, as they can be invaluable to the job.

What are vibrating pokers, exactly? Why are they so important? Why do you need to make sure your concrete has been vibrated before setting? We’ll take an in-depth look at the equipment needed and why they’re vital for concrete-laying success.

You can trust your local construction expert to give you the full breakdown on everything you can expect from the equipment available for hire and buying. 

Concrete Vibrating Pokers

Before looking into concrete vibrating pokers themselves in detail, we should answer why vibrate concrete at all. The answer is easy. If the surface isn’t vibrated before the concrete sets, you risk having an uneven and badly reinforced surface.

Vibration, therefore, lets the air bubbles in the mix be removed once it’s poured. It ensures the mix itself is also laid evenly.

You might have equipment and tools to support an even lay, but vibrating concrete will only ever increase your chance of getting a perfect finish.

Surface vibration helps to strengthen the mix. There’s no point laying mix at all if you know it’s going to be unreliable or flimsy.

The vibration will also help support the structures and fittings which might be dependent upon it. The right vibration tools, therefore, help guarantee your site is totally safe from start to end.

Visually speaking, who doesn’t enjoy smooth concrete? For the most professional and best-looking finish, vibration will level out the mix.

Vibrating Pokers for Concrete

It’s possible to compress and compact concrete with different tools and systems. Vibrating pokers, however, are specific for concrete and are the most popular and by far the most reliable. These vibrating pokers are used in a process known as internal vibration. Meaning, the poker is put into the wet mix so it can be turned on and will vibrate steadily.

The most efficient way to use a poker for a vibration job is to stagger how you remove it from the concrete. Do it slowly when you remove the poker from the concrete mix as this action will encourage the air bubbles to be released.

Air bubbles are your biggest concern when it comes to setting concrete as they can take up to one-fifth of the concrete mix and it needs releasing.

It’s only logical to hire or buy a vibrating system which can effortlessly be used and then provide immediate results. Pokers are quite affordable and easily accessible and they’re used widely amongst industry experts.

Therefore, it makes sense to buy or hire a vibration system which can be easily deployed and provide instant results.  Pokers are affordable and accessible and are widely used by industry experts. 

If it’s your first time looking for such a tool or piece of equipment, why not have a browse online first and do some due diligence?

High-Frequency Vibrating Pokers

You can get hold of a variety of kinds of vibrating poker, for use in a variety of ways. They’re easy to access to get from project to project. High-frequency vibrating pokers are the most sought-after, known for having a constant power level. They produce the best results.

The thing that best defines a high-frequency poker is its constant speed. It’s recommended to seek a poker that has a relentless power supply and therefore efficiency. 

To remove all the air from your mix, you’ll require a piece of equipment or system that will work tirelessly.